Quarterbacks, FBI, and Sports Coats

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day!! Why you ask? I'll tell you. Yeah, it was a great day on the new job, a beautiful day outside in beautiful downtown Ft. Worth, but what topped the day off for me was a little piece of news I read before leaving work tonight. Brett Favre is returning next year!! WAHOO! There was a possibility that he was going to retire, but since his wife is doing very well and is well on the road to recovery after a bout with cancer, he has decided to return next year and maybe even beyond that!! I'm relieved his wife is winning her battle, happy that she wants Brett to keep playing, and ecstatic about my hopes of Brett leading the Packers to a Super Bowl next year!! True, the Dallas Cowboys are my favorite team, but they will not be Super Bowl contenders this year, despite some decent offseason moves so far. OK, enough about football.

The job is genuinely going great! It is quite a new experience taking on a supervisory role. I've always been pretty independent and have completed all of my work on my own, without asking for help...but I must learn the fine art of delegating now. I've always been a team player, and I always have the team concept in mind, but I've always been the running back. Now I must shift positions on the team and become the quarterback. The operations department is full of hard-working, internally motivated people, so I feel pretty good about managing these people. It will be a transition, but I'm confident I will succeed, thanks to the great support of the Operations team!

The house is coming along. They have knocked out the wall in the garage and installed a garage door! The workers are supposed to be finished up with everything tomorrow...but I went by there tonight and there seems to be quite a bit of work remaining. We'll see how tomorrow goes. I'm tentatively scheduled to meet the builder and real estate agent at the house next Tuesday for the final walk-through. The plan is to close towards the end of next week and move in Saturday the 19th. Any help on either end would be GREATLY appreciated!

Something kinda funny happened today at work. I received a call from the FBI this morning saying he wanted to interview me regarding a friend of mine as part of a background check. It sounded a little shady at first just because I had no way of knowing if he was legitimately with the FBI or not. I said "Sir, I've been here for a week and a half - how did you know how to get in touch with me here?" He kinda laughed and said "I AM the FBI." HAHAHA!! It was funny. Then he said he got my work number from my wife and he said "but I won't tell you how I got your home number." HA! He was pretty cool. Anyway, he wanted to meet with me in person, so I told him I would check my schedule and call him back. Then I made a few phone calls. I called Jeff Trimble (since he is good friends with the guy the FBI was referring to) and left a message, but then I remembered Trimble doesn't talk on the phone unless he's held at gunpoint, so I figured he wouldn't call me back...so I called Lance and found out that he is the one who gave the FBI my name. So, being satisfied that it was legitimate, I called the FBI guy back and setup an appointment. So I warned Byron (my employer) and a few coworkers near the front door that the FBI was coming, but don't be alarmed. HA! So shortly after 5pm, the FBI (that sounds cool) shows up and I greet him and we go back to the plush conference room for about a 30 minute interview. Fortunately, this friend of mine is a great guy, of high integrity, and someone I respect a lot, so it was easy for me to be very complimentary and give him a very good reference. Best wishes to my friend and good luck in your endeavor!

I just LOVE listening to the Ticket down here. That's a really cool sports talk radio show, for those of you who don't know. The hosts were all making fun of Greg-o, one of the other hosts, and telling him he's been gaying out on them by wearing his new blouses to work. HA! They were making fun of his new warddrobe. Then they started teasing him about how he always tucks EVERYTHING in...and Corby said he even tucks in his sports coat! HA! The mental image just killed me and I laughed so hard a tear came to my eye! Well, I hope everyone is doing well. Jenn, I miss you and the girls and I can't wait to get all of us moved down here!! Hope you're feeling better!


Jeff said...

Total agreement! Favre is back let the people rejoice! The FBI called also was hoping it would be a recruitment call..Dang it! I had the same problem when I was an assistant and became the head coachwas not used to delegating at all. It actually gets fun after a while!!ha

Josh said...


I don't know about vouching for that guy to the FBI. Sounds like he might be shady.


Laura said...

Hey dear!! I'm sorry I didn't reply to your email but hotmail is giving me a lot of troubles!! How are you? When will you move? Enjoy your work, not a lot of people are so lucky to like their jobs!! :-)