Life Is Good

OK Jeff, I'll update my blog. Somehow, I have been cured of my internet addiction. I spend very little time online anymore. Once the kiddos go to bed, I'm either watching DirecTV, playing with TiVo, or working. I can log in to my computer at work from home, so I've been doing some work from home at night. I've actually had a night or two recently where as I was getting in bed, I realized I had not even checked my email that day!

We had another great weekend! Saturday morning, we chatted with our friends in Milan, Italy, and let the girls act silly on our webcam for Laura and Marco to see. It's fun! You should get a webcam if you don't have one. After we finished chatting, we all went to the Water Gardens in downtown Ft. Worth. The main areas were turned off, and the part where you can walk down inside was fenced off and closed. Last year, a few people fell into the little pool at the bottom, and because it was deeper than it was supposed to be, the pumps sucked them down and they drowned. I did not know about this before we went. Very tragic and unfortunate...the thought of drowning makes me cringe. Anyway, after that, we walked down Main street, but first we saw some sort of pep rally in front of the Tarrant County Convention Center, so we stopped to check it out. There was a high school band playing and some cheerleaders were performing. I asked a guy what they were doing and he said it was to honor some of the local basketball teams...the girls' teams of TCU, FW Dunbar, and somewhere else. The girls enjoyed watching that for a little while but then we headed down Main Street. Have I mentioned before how much I love downtown Ft. Worth?? We drove down to the other end of the courthouse and walked around in Heritage Park. It's pretty nice. There are fountains and walkways that lets you look out over the "mighty" Trinity River. On our way home, we stopped at the Stockyards and walked around for over an hour. It was pretty cool! The girls got to see some longhorns up close and personal, as well as a horse with a real cowgirl riding it! :) It was a fun and relaxing day...I'm very happy in Fort Worth. We went to church again Sunday and enjoyed it. We met more people and signed up for small groups. I'm optimistic that we will be "plugged in" in no time at all! In Sunday School, we sat by the girl who Jenn said reminded her of Alyssa and Kelly. I didn't pay mucha ttention to her previously...but WOW!! It is so strange...imagine taking a picture of Alyssa and a picture of Kelly, and then morphing them together.

We have our first baby doctor appointment tomorrow with our new doctor in Ft. Worth. We expect her to schedule a sonogram pretty soon. We'll keep you posted! Pray for a boy!! Jenn is finally feeling better for the most part.

Work is going well. It is still pretty stressful trying to get everything done before the market closes each day. On top of all the daily work that must be done every day, I am trying to revamp the policies and procedures in operations and shift some of the duties around in an attempt to increase the efficiency of our operations team. It's a big chore, but I wouldn't trade it for anything right now! Interestingly enough though...I noticed a call on the caller ID from Bass Enterprises the other day. Oh well...I'm not interested! :)


Kelly said...

Okay - who took the picture - some stranger?

Glad you are liking it so much! I'ts fun to start a new life together and especially in a town and job you like!

Would love to see this girl you are talking about! Maybe you could ask her if you can take her picture - that wouldn't be too awkward would it!! :)

Jeff said...

I love Fort Worth. There are some areas where i swear you think you are in the north. The trees and all the green grass - awesome! Sounds like things are going good. I don't know what to say about the person that is morphed - I'm just glad her looks are morphed and not those two's personalities!! SCARY.
Cowboys have a great draft - I was alos worried but these two players are flat out good (two d-linemen)Its great to see you blog and don't give the no time for internet excuse its not like we need to have you publish a novel on your blog everyday just every few days/weeks a sign that your still alive!

Kirk Wimberley said...

Kelly, we have one of those super fancy ultra high technologically advanced digital cameras with a self-timer on it so you can push the button, then run and get in the picture, and 8 seconds later, it takes a picture! :) I don't think I'll ask Belinda if I can take her picture. You guys will just have to come visit us and go to church with us!
Jeff, I'm glad to hear that these 2 d-linemen are great players, because I know nothing about them. I'll try to post more often, but you know how that goes.

Jeff said...

Ware is a pure speed rusher and Spears is more a power rusher who can play inside the line or even at linebackes.