Happy New Year!

Here's my monthly post, and here's Lambeau! Just as Lambeau Field is football in its most pure element, our dog, Lambeau, is a dog in its purest element. Just look at him...you can't get anymore "dog" than that! I love him! Except for the endless nights of pooping in his crate and cleaning up after him 1-2 times during the night and bathing him every single morning to get the poop off of him. He's worse than a kid in that respect! At least they poop in a diaper and it stays contained until you change them...well, most of the time. I know he will be housetrained soon, but it's not too much fun right now making sure you take him out every 30 minutes to an hour. It's ok, I know he'll be worth it.

We had a good Christmas and New Year. It was a stressful Christmas this year for me, but I think the kids enjoyed it. Work is very stressful and it was difficult to keep that from carrying over into my Christmas spirit. Hopefully things will settle down in the next 6-8 months. I got a bunch of really good gifts, including an espresso maker, the biography of Vince Lombardi, a new football, and many other great gifts! Oh yeah, I got Taylor Hicks' CD! I'd like to buy Chris Daughtry's CD now. Also, if you've never played Guitar HEro 2 on the playstation, I would highly recommend it. It's fun for all ages, genders, and skill levels! It's like karaoke on the guitar, but you don't have to know how to play...similarly to karaoke - you don't have to know how to sing.

We watched a silly movie last night, the Da Vinci Code. I know it's just a bunch of theories and there's no real proof to it, so I can accept watching the movie for its entertainment value, but I was hardly entertained. I felt like it was an overdone drama that tried to manipulate my thoughts, but failed. At least it was a free pay per view.

As you all know, I live for football. Here we are, one hour before the first playoff game, and I am pumped! I have been looking forward to these playoffs for about 6 weeks, knowing that it was actually going to be a good playoff bracket this year. I'm sure you don't recall, but in week 2, I posted on my blog that San Diego and Chicago would be in the Super Bowl. I still feel pretty sure San Diego will be there, but I don't think Chicago will make it. I'm sure you are all interested to know my playoff predictions. Dallas will beat Seattle. Philly will beat the Football Giants. Overrated Patriots will slide by the Jets. My upset pick - Chiefs will run past the Colts (Larry Johnson will rush for 200 yards). Round 2 will be Cowboys over Bears and Saints over Eagles. I know it's crazy, but I think we could see a Dallas-New Orleans NFC championship. Dallas plays all games on the road, which is good for them. Seattle is hurting very badly in their secondary and they have trouble stopping the run. I think Dallas can beat the Bears because the Bears can not do ANYTHING offensively, and their defense has been falling apart. That's what it hinges on. If the Bears' defense returns to midseason form, they'll make it to the Lombardi match. Anyway, round 2 of AFC, we'll see the Chargers beat the Chiefs and the Ravens beat the Pats. Then the Chargers will beat the Ravens and also beat whoever makes it in the NFC. What an exciting playoff bracket we have!! On top of all this, I found out this week that the Packers are playing in Dallas next year!!! WAHOO!!! Tickets will go on sale in mid-April when the schedule is released, so be sure you buy yours! Especially if Favre comes back next year...which is a real possibility. OK, sorry for me football indulgence. I bleed football and can't help it.

After such manly talk of dogs and football and stuff, I feel a little girlish saying this next part - I'm looking forward to a new season of American Idol!! I'm going to try and predict the winner in the initial tryouts. OK, I need to go get ready for football to start. By the way, a special shout out to my brother - he's getting married today in Czech Republic to a girl he is madly in love with. She works for the organization that he is going through to go to Tanzania to work on a childrens' orphanage. She's already been to the orphanage to work, and they plan on returning there together later in the year. I'm excited to meet Katerina in a few months!


Jennifer said...

Great blog. The football stuff was even too much for me!!!

Kirk Wimberley said...

Yea, so I was wrong about the Chiefs. Hopefully I'm not wrong about Dallas.

Kirk Wimberley said...

What a very disappointing loss for the Cowboys! Goes to show you why the games are played regardless of who should win on paper beforehand. The only good thing I can take from this loss is that the Boys should be even better next year. Who will I cheer for at the Packer/Cowboy game????