Enjoying the success

Well, it's been 31 days of no sodas, no sweets, LOTS of water, less food, healthier food, working out, a LOT of running (by my own standard), and if you were to see me, you would actually see 15 pounds LESS of me! WAHOO! It's really going quite well in my opinion. I'm sure in 31 days, if I had followed an actual DIET like south beach or north beach or lemonade and pepper or something, I would have lost more, but I am very comfortable with the way I am doing it. It's more of just a change in my diet/exercise that I feel I can live with long-term. I even had a cheeseburger Sunday night at 9:30, a greasy stromboli for lunch Tuesday, two tostados loaded with cheese last night, and I actually broke through a plateau and lost 3 pounds this week! HA! To top it off, I feel like a new person! I have more energy, I'm happier, I feel WAY BETTER, and I can focus on things easier and can tell I'm a little sharper mentally. The best is right after a good run, I guess it's what they call "runner's high", I don't know. I'm up to running 4 miles every other day and I hope to stretch that to 5 miles within the next week or two, but I won't do it if it hurts too much. My dream of running a half-marathon appears to be getting closer, but I know I'm still a long ways away. My 5k Race For the Cure run is coming up - April 7th. Thanks to everyone who sponsored me with their donation. I've raised $130 so far, and a few other people have said they plan on donating. Awesome! I teased Jennifer about wearing a shirt during the run that says "Jog for the Jugs" or maybe "Support Our Rack" (Iraq). HA! She was not amused, but I thought it was funny. Obviously, I'm not taking breast cancer lightly, so I apologize if that offends you...I guess I just have a warped sense of humor. :)

A few thoughts -
* Stop voting for Sanjaya
* Read the biography of your favorite person
* Smile if you recently fertilized your yard before all this rain (like me) :)
* Download iTunes and search/download some of your favorite music
* Stop voting for Sanjaya
* If you hear of a way to buy some shares of the Green Bay Packers, CALL ME!
* The Ultimate Fighter is about to start back up
* Tip your waiter/waitress enough for them to take notice, unless of course they were bad
* Don't leave crayons out unless you want your kid to draw a masterpiece on your wall
* Do something nice for someone today


Alicia said...

How about some "before and after" shots?

Kirk Wimberley said...

Hey Alicia! Sorry, I didn't take any photos of myself beforehand, but maybe when I reach 30lbs of weight loss I'll post something. We may be at church SUnday though for Easter. How's the baby?