So I finally get to cross off another achievement on my lifetime dream list - today I took the plunge and bought a Jeep Wrangler! When I set out for my purchase about a week ago, I was specifically looking for a few things that I wanted in my Jeep - black, soft top, 6 cylinder, and standard. After seeing the small price difference in a base model 2007 and a used 2003-4, I decided to test drive the 2007. I plan on keeping this Jeep forever, so I might as well consider a new one, right? Well, the 2007's are very nice, but I think they're almost too nice. They've made DRASTIC improvements to the body (length/width), drive train, suspension, etc - it is a much smoother ride and you can get power windows, locks, and keyless entry. I'm sorry, but this is a JEEP, not a luxury vehicle. Jeeps are supposed to be bouncy, muddy, and MANUAL - EVERYTHING MANUAL. So I decided I definitely wanted a 2006 or older model. Well, I found a 2005 Sport model at James Wood - and guess what. Black. Soft top. 6 cylinder. Standard. AND I got it for about $2,200 under NADA market value. WAHOO!!! I pick it up Saturday morning! I AM SO EXCITED!! Here's a few pics, but don't think that top will be staying on long....

Just real quick, here's an update - I've lost 28 pounds now. I did good in my 10k Zoo Run a few weeks ago. My biggest accomplishment was starting slow and finishing strong. The first 3-4 miles people were passing me, but I maintained the pace I wanted. The final mile and a half, I kicked it up a notch and probably passed 50 runners who were struggling to finish. It was an awesome feeling! Since then, I have increased mileage a little. Last Sunday I ran 9 miles and this Saturday I'm running 10. Next weekend (May 20th) is a half-marathon in Dallas. It's sooner than when I wanted to try one, but the next one after that is not until November!! So, I'm going to give it my best effort. If I run the first 5 miles at an 11 minute pace, then I feel like I can finish the full 13.1 miles ok. I must admit, I'm nervous about it, but at the same time I think it's definitely possible to run the whole thing without stopping. If I stop, it won't be until mile 11 or 12, so if I conserve my energy, don't run too fast out of the chute, find my rhythm early, and stay hydrated enough, I think I can pull it off. I'm thinking it will take about 2 hours and 20 minutes. I can't imagine the feeling that will overcome me at the finish line...that is what motivates me. Couch potato to half-marathon runner in 11 weeks!! I'm no superman, I just made a decision to do it, and have religiously stuck to it - anybody can do it, that's for sure! So, what are you waiting for??? :)


Kelly said...

I love the JEEP! I know you have always wanted that- how exciting!

You must post a picture of yourself (28 lbs lighter) - in your Jeep - with the top off. Ha!

Alyssa said...

congrats on the Jeep! And huge congrats on all that running andweight loss!

Josh said...


first, congrats on the jeep. We need to get you and Lance up to the land so we can drive them all around and thrash it up.

second, congrats on the continued weight loss and running. I went running with a friend this morning and was telling your story. Amazing.