Go Long

Since my early college days, I have tried to live by the motto, "Whatever It Takes". Whenever you face a challenge of any kind, you examine where you are today, where you need to be to reach your goal, and then you do whatever it takes to make it happen. I relied on this A LOT through my bachelor's and master's degree. Today, I think I discovered a new motto, if you will. "Go long". I'm sure it's because of the versatile connotations it has, namely in football and in running. My childhood and teenage dream was to be a quarterback and I love the deep ball. And now as a distance runner, I love to "go long". I'll try this out in life and see how it works. Endure...persevere...no shortcuts...think big...go long.

Rewind a few months back to last August. You would have heard me saying ridiculous things like "The Packers' defense will be one of the best in the league, and will be a huge surprise to everyone." "If Favre returns, the Packers will make the playoffs, possibly even the NFC Championship." Not so ridiculous now, huh! The Packer defense is playing at a superb level and the Packers are playing the Football Giants this weekend in the NFC CHampionship, led by the NFL's toughest man, Brett Favre! Not only are they in the big NFC game, I think they should be able to handle the Giants and earn a trip to the Super Bowl where they will bring an end to New England's perfect season. I know, people in the know will roll their eyes. Oh Kirk, you're just a hard-core, biased Packer fan. Yes, that is true. But don't write me off...or the Packers. The Packers' defense will slow them down enough for Favre, Grant, Jennings, and Driver to hang enough points on the board to beat the pretty-boy girly-man Tom Brady...as long as they can continuously bring pressure to Brady. Brady will get mad and start forcing the ball. He'll slip a few by you and score some TDs, but I'm telling you...do not count out the Packers. This is gonna be fun...

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