Brett the Jet

So…what do you think about the Favre situation?

1) First of all, I hate how they make it sound like it was Brett’s decision to not play at Green Bay because of emotional scars. Green Bay moved on and did not show Brett any support in coming back, so it was just as much Green Bay’s decision as it was Brett’s. Media…Green Bay management…present the facts as they are, don't spin them.

2) Green Bay screwed up. I don’t care what has happened over the last 3 months, if your quarterback who resurrected your franchise, who took you to overtime of the NFC Championship game last year, who was the best quarterback in the NFC and runner up LEAGUE MVP, who IS the Green Bay Packers and the biggest sports icon in the history of sports, and who broke almost every passing record in the NFL…if he shows up at training camp and wants to play, you’re a freakin idiot if you don’t let him play. Green Bay just greatly reduced their chances of a Super Bowl this year, while it could have been a competitor with Favre. Green Bay is choosing a kid who has never even started a freakin NFL game before over the legendary Brett Favre. Sure he played well against Dallas, but that’s all we’ve seen! How tough is this kid? There’s so much uncertainty with him, so why in the heck would you choose uncertainty over Brett Favre when you’re riding a near Super Bowl season last year with a young team who is mostly returning this year making them very likely Super Bowl competitors again this year?! Freakin idiots.

3) If the Jets go 6-10, they win, because that’s a 50% improvement over last year. If the Packers do ANYTHING short of going to the Super Bowl, they screwed up and will come under HEAVY criticism for the poor judgment in letting Favre get away instead of supporting him and welcoming him this year.

4) I’m upset with the management of Green Bay, but I still love the Packers. They screwed up and it is very upsetting, but I will support my Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers and hope for the best outcome of the consequences management has created. I still love my Green Bay Packers. Hopefully they won’t screw up like this again, because that is the reason I don’t get excited about the Dallas Cowboys anymore…it’s hard to love an organization who makes decisions like Dallas does, but that’s not the point of this commentary.

5) It is very surreal to see Favre in a Jets hat and/or jersey. Very surreal. But, it is what it is, and you might as well accept it and move on. The thing I love the most about football is the game itself. So I’m very glad this drama is behind us and Favre is in a position to once again grace the field of play with his magic and greatness, making it even easier to love the game of football. In fact, as time passes on, I get more and more excited about seeing Favre play at his new home. The coolest thing I can think of is seeing a large frame with 2 jerseys mounted in them of 2 football greats from the same franchise….Brett Favre and Joe Namath. How cool would that be.

6) Go Packers. Go Jets. Go Brett Favre!!!

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go."

Beautiful quote!! 50 MILES BABY!!!


Kevin and Katerina Wimberley said...

Do you need a hug, a cookie, maybe some counseling?

Jeff said...

Not happy with the Packers at all. Agree with everything you said about this next year - I'm picking 9-7 Jets and a wild card. 9-7 Packers - no wild card