Checking In...

Hey! Just a quick blog since it's been so long. We're doing pretty good here. I think the air is worse down here or something because we've all had more sinus/allergy issues in the last 2 months. I've also had truck issues. After 3 upper radiator hoses, a failed attempt to repair a radiator crack with JB Weld, and hopefully a successful radiator repair (finally), I will have saved at LEAST $200 I was not expecting to have to spend anyway. So now the question...do I get rid of my pickup while it's still running? If so, do I go for the Jeep I've always wanted and never had? I told my wife we could buy a brand new one, and then I could give it to my son (that sounds cool, huh!) in 16 years! But then she reminded me that a new Jeep comes with a new payment.
Know what I'm sick of? The NBA playoffs. I have listened to the Ticket (sports talk radio) every minute I have been in my truck, but all they talk about now is basketball, and it is SUCH a beating. I can't wait for the season to be over.
Friday night Jennifer and I went to eat at Razzoo's in downtown Ft. Worth and then went to Four Day Weekend, an improv comedy club in the old Caravan of Dreams. It was HILARIOUS!! I highly recommend it to anyone! Afterwards, we got some homemade ice cream at the Marble Slab and strolled through Sundance Square. I love that place!! Especially on Friday nights...it comes alive. Saturday we went to the Stockyards with my parents and had a fun time! Karissa rode the mechanical bull, and Cara and Karissa both had their picture made on a longhorn!! Sunday we had a good Mother's Day hanging out with the extended family.
Saturday night I went to see "Kingdom of Heaven" with my dad. I thought it was a pretty good movie, but I have never seen a bad epic adventure. I'm not sure about the accuracy of the movie...I think the setting and the time period was accurate, and the Muslims really did take over Jerusalem, but I doubt the story line was accurate. One thing it did was reignite my hatred for Arabs. I know, thats a blanket statement...maybe it's more Muslim terrorists than Arabs, I don't know.


Jeff said...

Love old beat up vehicle (seriously) but trucks - once they go down hill its hard to maintain. I rode a mechanical bull once but it was at a country bar and... I was seeing two of everything but after that it was fun. NBA playoffs is all we have my friend baseball is boring (regular season) and no hockey. It is good to hear from you though. You should at least read our blogs and comment it shouldnt take that long...listen if slap noodle (alyssa) can you can.

Laura said...

Hey Kirk! I don't know what NBA is but I hope it will be over soon if it is so boring to ya!! Love