Do You Want To Go To A Pants Party?

I normally dismiss the idea of typing a new blog because I haven't spent any time thinking of what to say, but I'm throwing caution to the wind tonight. This will be a brief post, since I need to go to bed. It is midnight now. I stayed up later than normal last night, and shortly after I went to sleep, Cara decided she'd throw up the rest of the wee morning hours. She has fully recovered today, but I only got 2-2.5 hours of sleep last night. OK, here's a few brief notes:

A lady from Christ Chapel Bible Church called Jenn out of the blue on Monday and they talked for 45 minutes! Amy, she told Jenn about the Trinity Church (?), but it is closer to Hulen mall, which may actually be a little further then CCBC...or at least not any closer. Anyway, after reading my blog mafia's comments suggesting we just suck it up and go wherever it is that we like...after Jenn's conversation with this lady (interesting the timing of this phone call, wouldn't you say?)...and after reconciling with myself that no matter how long my list of pros/cons may get with regard to settling for a religious churchianity church (excuse my sarcasm) as opposed to a well grounded bible church, nothing will top my preference for biblical teaching. So, we will join a small group at CCBC (similar to a k-group, for you Grace folks) and begin attending CCBC again. I look forward to attending this coming Sunday!

Tomorrow night is the first BRETT FAVRE preseason game!! I can't wait to watch it! Jenn and I talked again tonight about whether or not we could work things out to go see Favre play at Lambeau Field. Even if it means we take OUR 1-2 month old Favre with us...that would be too cool! I must admit, I'm pessimistic, but I don't give up easy!

I watched Anchorman last night. It was pretty funny, but overall, I was somewhat disappointed. I think I expected it to be side-splitting HILARIOUS. Don't get me wrong, I laughed quite a few times, but it still wasn't as funny as I had expected it to be. The guy who played the retarded weatherman (Steve Carell, also in Bruce Almighty and The Office) definitely made the movie funnier. He's not the same style as Jim Carey, but he's the only other guy besides Carey (I can think of) who can make you laugh without even having to say anything. By the way, the title of this blog is a line from Anchorman that Steve Carell says as a pickup line. He just doesn't understand what he's trying to say...HA! OK, I'm going to bed.


Jeff said...

Anchorman made me laugh til tears at times. The whole scotch scene made me cry. Will just makes me laugh at all times!

Josh said...


I told Jeff that I've been reading his blog, but I've also been reading yours. Thus, in the interest of full disclosure, I've started my own. You may read it at http://thoughtsfrom5th.blogspot.com/


Kelly said...

I'm glad you decided to go to that church. I guess thats what you get for living in "the big town" - long drives! Nothing beats a church that you love.

Have you decided on a name yet - you better or it may end up being another girl!!

Kirk Wimberley said...

No name yet, but I assure you, there's a stem on the apple.

Jeff said...

says the guy with twelve daughters!

Laura said...

Hey...me and Marco were reading your blog but you're american is too slang!! I should update my italian lesson so you can write next post in italian for us!! Love ya xx