Real Quick Before I Go To Bed

Hey, just thought I'd post a quick blog since it's been so long. I'm sure you guys stop checking after awhile. We went to church this morning and I instantly loved our pastor even more when he proclaimed, "We are against legalism!". We also went to small group tonight at church and had a good time. The only downside to all this is that we literally drove 80-85 miles today, just going to church and back twice!! That's $12-13 every Sunday for gas! Oh well...small price to pay for proper theology and fellowship, right?

We saw Million Dollar Baby Friday night. It was very good until the end. I just don't see the point in ending that way. Someone slipped and told me what happened, so I was expecting it, but it really disturbed me. It was an unneccesary ending to a potentially GREAT movie. I think I'm just especially sensitive to death right now for some reason. Our old friend, Tori, really got to me, and I even grieved over the 49er player from Ft. Worth who died last week whom I didn't even know! It is also sickening to know that in a matter of hours, people will die in New Orleans. Even if I didn't have a car, I think I'd find SOME WAY to get the heck out of dodge! Anyway, I'm not depressed, I think I've just become more sensitive to death.

Well, I'm less than a week away from turning the big 30, and probably less than 3 weeks away from being the proud father of my first (and only) son! WAHOO! OK I'm probably forgetting some stuff, but I'm going to bed now, so I'll blog more later. And sorry to disappoint you Jeff, but I don't have any fun happy hours or partying scheduled for this week. HA!


Kelly said...

I think $14 isn't much to go to church! Geesh cheapskate! J/K

Glad you are finally moving up to the "over 30" group!

Jeff said...

Dude I already thought you were like 36!

Kirk Wimberley said...

You're right Jeff...my maturity level is beyond my age. Kelly, you probably spend $1 in gas every Sunday going to church - not $14!! That's ok though...just anothyer adjustment we have to make moving to the BIG CITY - HA!