Costume Ideas

Just a quick post before I go to bed. I just caught up on all the blogs I read and thought I'd pose a question to all you bloggers out there in blogland. In my last post, I requested ideas for my Halloween costume for my office party. However, I received no responses. So, I will list a few ideas and ask you to give your opinion on what I should do.

1)Money Launderer - Get a large mesh laundry bag that I can cut holes for arms and legs and then fill it up with fake money.

2)Dead (or severely injured) Hockey Player - I have a complete uniform, but also attach half of a puck to my forehead with a lot of fake blood and cuts and bruises, etc.

3)Peeping Tom - Put a cardboard box on my head, cut out a window and make some little curtains, and then wear a trenchcoat with a name tag that says "Tom".

4)Holy Cow - Buy a cow costume and then wear a halo and wings with it.

5)Smartass - Dress up like a donkey and wear a graduation cap and carry a diploma.

6)Wear blue scrubs with cotton attached to look like clouds and carry a water gun. When asked what I am, respond "partly cloudy with a chance of showers" and squirt the person with the water gun

7)Proctologist - Wear scrubs and a stethoscope, smear chocolate pudding on the shirt and let it dry. Wear a nametag that says "Dr. Ben Dover, Proctologist". Just had another thought - I could wear a dreadlock wig and be Pokemon - a Jamaican Proctologist!!

What do you think? There are prizes, and everyone is dressing up, so I want to be creative and make it fun! Luckily, I'm losing my voice, so I won't have to karaoke!!

I'm getting excited about next weekend! I'm going to the NASCAR races!! I have tickets for the entire weekend, but I will probably just go to the Truck races and Busch practice Friday night, and then the Nextel race on Sunday. I'd like to see the Nextel qualifying on Saturday, but that might be a bit too much time away from home for one weekend. :) I'd really like to see Carl Edwards win it all, but I think I'll just be happy if Tony Stewart doesn't win. Jeff, are you going??


Kelly said...

I like the money launderer and the proctologist. Good ones!

Alyssa said...

my vote is number one, especially considering your lind of work. ONe of the prizes at chucky cheese are large $100 bills. So maybe you could take the girls to Chucky Cheese and spend thousands of dollars trying to win tickets to buy the fake money. Or you could just photo copy your own!

Josh said...

Money Launderer or partly cloudy. Don't go with tacky ones -- it's your job.


Jeff said...

Hockey player! no NASCAR for me - conference tournament and recruiting the next three weeks!

Laura said...

I like the partly cloud idea and also teh proctologist...I wanna go to an Halloween costume party too but we don't have it here!! We just have clubs decorated in a dark way playing heavy metal music...no trick or treat!