Overused Cliches

Do you have a phrase that drives you crazy if you hear it? Something like - when someone asks what day it is, you tell them, but then they have to add "all day long" to it? That always makes me roll my eyes and think "that is stupid". Or when people pronounce Target like it's some European designer shop or something. Well, I think I've discovered the most overused cliche. It is somewhat fascinating, yet highly annoying, to realize just how often this cliche is used. Maybe it's just because I've grown to hate it so much, so now it stands out blaringly obvious to me. Like when the only time you hit your finger on things is when it has a sore. Or when all of a sudden you notice how half of all vehicles are a certain color and style. White truck, red car, etc. Anyway...the most overused cliche is "at the end of the day." I mostly hear this while watching CNBC or Apprentice, so I think it's probably just a business cliche. It is used to minimize the events of a day or a project and focus on the end result. Makes complete sense, I have no problem with the logic or usage of the cliche. Other than the frequency. I'm thinking of putting together a top 10 list of overused phrases/cliches that are really bothersome. Please, leave me a comment with one or more overused phrases/cliches that you can think of!! :)

I'm getting pumped about NASCAR this weekend! Especially since Carl Edwards won last week and is now in 4th. That would be awesome to see him win again in Texas! The only bad thing about the race on Sunday is that it starts at 2:50pm, and the Packers are actually going to be on tv at 3pm this week! I will just record it and watch it Sunday night instead of the Sunday night game.

The Cowboys are doing great this year. Despite a few late in the game mishaps. Looking at the NFC, I really think their only real threat is the New York Giants. I think they could handle Atlanta...and Carolina is still so overrated. I'm going to jump out on a limb here - it would be difficult to convince me that the Cowboys don't have as good of a shot as any other NFC team to make it to the Super Bowl. I know that's a big statement, but considering their competition, I think they could do it. It would not be easy, and I'm assuming no injuries or episodes of stupidity, but from what I've seen so far, at this point I pretty much expect them to win against all of the NFC teams. Go Cowboys!

The acquisition fell through at work. That's good and bad. Good because that was going to be a LOT of work for at least 6 months. Bad because it was going to present some great opportunities, both for myself and for the company.

A friend at work gave me 6 free tickets and a parking pass to the Shrine Circus on November 18th. They are box seats, and we'll be the only ones in the box! How cool is that?! So the kids can be silly and disruptive, and they won't be bothering anyone! That was very cool of my friend to do that - it cost over $100 for all of that! She said her and her husband donate to the Shriner's (?) Club every year by buying a bunch of circus tickets and then giving them away to people who have kids. We all know there's no shortage of kids in OUR household! HA!

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Josh said...

I hope you're right on the Cowboys. This is my first year cheering for them, and now that I've embraced them, I'd like them to win.


Paige Fockler said...

Ok, I hardly ever hear that cliche "at the end of the day" and it is funny to say Target as if it is a French designer and people just say it to be funny not seriously! I do think you should do the list of cliches I always enjoy list. I skipped the sports parts, but that is neat about the circus!

Jeff said...

"I see what you mean"