IRS QB Challenge

One of the many beautiful things about having four children is the $4,000 Child Tax Credit we get to enjoy! Without getting into too much personal detail, because of the house and some other things, we are able to itemize this year and take advantage of some of the tax breaks that our wonderful IRS code so generously offers. I have just about finished our taxes, but I'm hesitant to file it because I'm still scrounging around for ANY deduction I can come up with! I know I can just amend if I come up with something else meaningful later, but it would be nice to be thorough now and not mess with that later. A few things I need to research are - where to deduct job hunting expenses, house hunting expenses (if possible), commuting in the early job transition, and utility deposits at our new house. I think I can deduct all of those, but maybe not...and I'm not sure where. My guess would be schedule A, but I haven't researched it very thoroughly yet. Maybe one of you fellow blog readers know?

I heard about an upcoming sports event that will be cool. April 20th is the very first Quarterback Challenge at Reunion Arena. It will be put on by the Ticket sports radio station and will be a flag football game with some DJs and listeners playing against each other...but here's the cool part - Troy Aikman will be quarterback of one team and Roger Staubach will be QB of the other team. Also, Drew Pearson, Tony Dorsett, Jay Novacek, and Moose Johnston will be playing in the game! How cool is that! As I heard the announcement this morning on my way to work, I began daydreaming about how incredible it would be to catch a TD pass from Troy Aikman, and then running around like crazy and jumping up to Troy Aikman for him to catch me on his shoulder and celebrate. This is when a subconscious dose of reality began to seap into my daydream, and I envisioned Aikman dodging my crazy jump like I was some kind of weirdo and then me crashing into the ground. Then I suddenly "snapped to" about 2 miles down the road...wandering how I got there. Ever get that feeling when you're driving somewhere? You have absolutely no recollection of the past 5 minutes or so...weird. Anyway, I'll continue to listen and find out how they will be selecting the lucky listeners who actually get to play...and of course try to be selected, but at a bare minimum, I'll just buy a ticket and go watch it!


Jennifer said...

Now you have a goal for working out. You wouldn't want to be selected and then huff and puff down the field. Can girls play. too??

Laura said...

What sport does a quaterback play? Oh Kirk, you have to teach me america sports before posting or I cannot immagine you daydreaming and driving without any consciousness (don't know how to write it!). Be carefull in the car!! :-) Bye