Come va? Molto bene, grazie!

I have no idea what to post about, but it's been 10 days, so I'll just post some quick thoughts and call it a day.

* I'm somewhat embarassed to say that I am hooked on American Idol this season and actually look forward to vegging on the couch 2 nights a week watching it! For those of you who follow it, I would like to post my prediction - from day one, Katherine McPhee and Chris Daughtry made my top 4 and I predict they will make it to the top 2...followed by Paris. And wouldn't it be cool to see Taylor Hicks at the end?!

* Work has been killing me lately - too much going on.

* I'm still on a Casting Crowns "high" and am trying to process the changes their concert and music have inspired in me. I emailed Mark, the lead singer, and he replied! How cool is that?!

* Had a great time visiting Grandpa Bill and Grandma Sue! Grandpa is doing better now than he has been in years!

* I'm going with some friends to the Mavericks game Saturday. Our tickets are in a suite! I've never been to a Mavs game, and I'm not big into basketball, but it will be fun. Basketball is just weird to watch. I'm so used to watching hockey that I anticipate moves but the basketball players don't skate around and it's illegal for a guy to stand in front of the net and wait for a pass to one-time it in for a goal. It's just weird and I can never get into it because the momentum always stops. Anyway, it will still be fun to be there I think.

* I missed the Daytona 500 because we were driving back from Georgetown and I forgot to record it on the DVR. However, I have some thoughts. Carl Edwards finishing dead last because of a crash really stinks. Jamie McMurray apparently had a good race until the end. Terry Labonte, the debut racer for the Aikman/Staubach Hall of Fame team had a decent finish. However, due to an illegal carburater, which nobody realized was illegal, they got fined $25,000 and have been penalized points that knocks them down from 17th to 27th! It was an innocent mistake!! What irks me so much about that is the fact that Jimmie Johnson's crew chief intentionally modified his car to be more aerodynamic, knowing it was illegal and would give Johnson an unfair advantage...and Johnson was not penalized at all, even after winning the race. Neither was Tony Stewart for forcing Kenseth off the track after crying all week about how unsafe all the drivers are. Tony Stewart is a punk.

* I have found that the so-called sport of "curling" is actually quite addictive! To me, it's just human-sized shuffleboard on ice. It's intriguing though, and easy to watch. Those athletes must be in top physical condition! Just kidding. Canada beat USA in the men's semifinals today, so the USA plays Great Britain on Friday for Bronze.

* The men's USA olympic hockey team only won 1 out of 6 games. Quite humiliating. However, 4 of the Dallas Stars are on the unbeaten Finland team, who will play Russia Friday night in the semifinals. Be sure to catch the finals on Sunday at 1pm I think.

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Jeff said...

Tony is a punk but ya gotta love him with thwe controversy. No where near the level of T.O. or Artest.