One Year Anniversary

Well, today at work, it was my one year anniversary and my boss gave me a $5,000 bonus!! Well, at least half of that statement is true, but not the part involving a bonus. HA! That's ok - I'm happy with my job whether or I get a one year bonus or not. I can't believe it's been a year! Time has just flown by sooo fast! Looking back, I am so fortunate to have this job, and I am thankful for it. Sure it's horribly stressful at times and I envision myself having a heart attack before age 40, but at other times, it's a lot of fun! I'm learning to manage the workload a little, so the stress level has decreased a little, but it will always be there. I can't believe we've lived in our house for a whole year now! It still seems like we just moved in a few months ago!

I started to get a little bit of spring fever today! It was such a beautiful day outside! I went with a colleague to lunch today at the Pour House. We sat up on the balcony outside, overlooking Sundance Square...I'm so lucky to be in downtown Ft. Worth! Anyway, I started getting all the spring time urges today - like swimming, running, grilling and eating outside, washing cars, doing yardwork, playing with the family in the backyard, going to a lake, etc. Spring is my favorite time of year!

I guess I could post a personal item on here...I made an appointment yesterday to get the ol snip-snip!! YOWZA! My consultation is March 24th and the vasectomy is March 31st! YIKES! Actually, I'm not worried about the procedure much at all. As it gets closer, my anxiety may increase a little, but I'm MUCH more worried about having to take a Valuum (sp?). I have to take it an hour before the procedure. However, all prescription pain killers and anesthesia make me dizzy and/or throw up, so I'm nervous about Valuum. Maybe I'll just not take it and tell the doc that I did - HA!

Well, I got to watch my first NASCAR race of the season this past Sunday and it was fun! It was especially fun seeing my 3 favorite drivers finish in the top 10 (Carl Ewards, Jamie McMurray, Mark Martin) and it was AWESOME seeing both Tony Stewart AND Greg Biffle's engines mess up, causing them to have to drop out of the race! WAHOO!! :) I know, I shouldn't be like that, but those 2 guys are my least favorite drivers. Now, with the NHL coming back finally, and Nascar on every Sunday....I'm all set! Well, I'd be all set if Brett Favre would announce that he's going to play another season!! It's March now, so I bet we get an answer from him in the next few weeks. Well, I can't keep my eyes open anymore...so good night!

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Jennifer said...

We haven't had a real winter yet so how can you get spring fever?? I have enjoyed the warm weather cuz the kids can go outside. I wish we had some winter though.