Landmark Tower Implosion

This morning we woke up at 6:20am and were out the door before 7am to go watch the implosion of the 50 year old, 30-story, Landmark Tower in downtown Fort Worth. This is the 2nd tallest building to ever be imploded, and the tallest in Texas. We were standing 4 blocks away from it and it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen in person. They were supposed to sound the sirens 15 seconds before they began at 8am, but at 7:45, they surprised us all and detonated the explosives with no warning. It was loud and it happened all too quickly! I'm curious to see my office Monday morning since this Landmark Tower building is literally across the street (catty-corner). They said a few windows were busted out in neighboring buildings, but hopefully our office was not one of those unlucky ones. Here's a video I took this morning - enjoy!

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Jeff said...

that was coolllll

Jeff said...

Wow I just read about American Idol - its the coolest!! I mean awesome girlfriend. mmmhhmmm its fabuloussssss. I can't believe Darrin and Timmy sang those songs and Phil is soooo weird. This is the worst year since Monica and Johnny sung that duet!!