This Is Only A Test

My time on the internet over the past year has slowly decreased to about 2-3 hours per week, sometimes less. This is a huge change from the 15-20 hours a week it used to be. Consequently, the result is less blogging - both writing my own and reading yours. So, this blog is a test to see if anyone has given up on my blog site. We'll see how many comments I get in the next month, which is probably when I'll post again. I'll keep it short and sweet and probably somewhat disorganized.

As you all probably know, I got vasectomized Mar 31st. Here's a highlight - I'm laying back on the table in all my glory with the cute little nurse prepping me when the doctor walks in and asks if I mind if a medical student comes in and observes. I'm not embarassed, so I approve, and then in comes another attractive girl to observe the most intrusive event of my life. HA! Oh well, medical students have to learn too, right? I was supposed to take 2 valium, but I hate prescription meds, so I took 1 small dose of phenergan (oral) instead, which was the equivalent of 2 glasses of wine - somewhat relaxed. The numbing shot was excruciating...just kidding Jeff...no, it was pretty uncomfortable, but very short-lived. Maybe 8 seconds or so...like a bull ride, I held on for 8 seconds. The procedure literally only took 10 minutes. The doctor and student left and the nurse fixed me up and I was out the door on my own two feet. I was pleasantly surprised at the recovery. I had to make myself sit down, but I felt fine. I was hoping to milk it for all it was worth by planting my little rear on the recliner all weekend and getting served food and drink like a king...but I felt so good I was up walking around and pretty much going about life like normal. I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering it and knows they are finished having kids. If you have more specific questions, call or email and I'll tell you anything you want to know! Jeff, get er done! Since I lost some manhood, I've been experimenting with a goatee...maybe that will make up for the masculinity I lost. HA!

OK, I didn't mean to write so much about that. Next topic. I went to the Busch race this weekend. It was freezing Saturday morning when I left, which is why I thought Jenn was crazy when she told me to be sure I put sunscreen on. I'm an idiot. It warmed up and was actually pretty hot. I got so blistered it still hurts, 4 days later. My face looks like I have leprosy and my knees and arms are very red and blistered. UGH! It wasn't even a good race. It was fun being there and hearing the deafening sound of the engines and watching the incredible speed of the cars, but the race was boring. Even worse, Kurt Busch, a total moron who got heavily booed, won the race. Carl Edwards had engine troubles and did not finish.

The Ultimate Fighter 3 started, and Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz are the coaches. This will be a fun season to watch. For you UFC'ers out there, if you haven't heard, May 27th's main event is Matt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie!! Can you believe it?!?!?! That is awesome!!!

I asked my boss if I should give my employees annual reviews and he responded by giving me a 5% raise. Very nice!

Still no word on Brett Favre's decision.

It's been fun the last several weeks getting to know our neighbors better. We all hang out a lot of evenings and weekends outside. Sunday, we had 4 families grill out together at the house across the street. It's a lot of fun because we're all close to the same age and have kids close to the same age. The guys took a little trip to the Harley shop to salivate on some cool motorcycles. I'm not really into that, but I could appreciate it.

We're going to Wichita Falls for Easter weekend. For all you Grace-ites reading this, we'll be there Easter morning, so hopefully we'll get to see you! Is there a men's retreat coming up soon?

I got pulled over by a cop tonight driving home from work...in fact, where he pulled me over, I could probably throw a football and hit my house. Can you believe that?!?! He pulled me over because I had a headlight out. If it wasn't statement week and I didn't work until 8pm, it would have never happened. Luckily, he didn't give me a ticket though. That is the only "warning" I have ever been given. It wasn't even a warning really. He just told me why he pulled me over, took my insurance and driver's license back to his car, and came back and said "everything else appears to be in order." I said "OK, thank you sir. I'll take care of the headlight." He said "Have a nice evening." Then I peeled outta there doing doughnuts and blaring my horn....just kidding. I ate supper and then went to O'Reilly's to buy a headlight.

OK, I've been typing entirely too long. Happy Easter! Be sure to at least spend a few moments meditating on the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus and what that means to you.


Jennifer said...

You write so well. Even your "short" test blog is an easy and interesting read. I was even present for most of what you wrote about and it was still fun to read your take on it. Sorry about the picture thing. Love the gotee!!

Alyssa said...

No we haven't given up on your blog. I have however given up on you commenting on mine! Still not convinved on the whole vassectomy thing. I know I am done but it just seems so final!

Laura said...

Hey...I still check your blog sometimes!! I really have to teach you some italian...what does gotee mean?!! ^-^

Kelly said...

I check your blog - we need a pic of the goatee!

Josh said...


I also read your blog and am glad to see you posted again. Never heard back from you on my latest email. Hope all is well.


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Jeff said...

checked it today

~~amanda said...

I'm a little late, but I still read. I'll second the request for a goatee pic!