Making Memories

Checking in for my monthly post. I think I'll just ramble some highlights and then call it a post.

- I spoke in great detail with Packer Tours and have made some decisions on our dream come true trip to Lambeau Field in November. Well, ok, MY dream come true trip, but Jenn is excited about going too, whether she'll admit it to any of you or not! More details later, but we will tour Lambeau Field, inside and out, Packer Hall of Fame, Tailgate party at Brett's Steakhouse, lower level end zone seats!! Watch for Favre to scramble in for a TD against the Patriots on Nov 19th and then run to the end zone seats for the Lambeau Leap...because I'll be there hoisting him up!!

- I'm REALLY looking forward to tomorrow night's UFC event. Tito Ortiz will make Ken Shamrock's face look like hamburger meat AGAIN!! Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovsky will be a good bout as well. I used to like Ken Shamrock a lot, back in the early-mid 90's, and since Chuck Liddell is my favorite fighter, I have always hated Tito Ortiz. However, since the Ultimate Fighter 3, I've lost respect for Shamrock and have actually come to really like Tito a lot. Sure he has a mouth on him when he wins, but that's just competition gone wild, right?

- We spent the 4th of July weekend at Jennifer's uncle's house right on Lake Palestine. Aside from illnesses, misadventures, and a little drama, we had a great time! Good memories: experiencing new things with my children like paddleboating, fishing, tubing, & boat riding. Caleb taking 3 steps. R&R away from work. Bad memories: getting thrown off the tube at 45 MPH and hitting the concrete water groin first and then skipping across the lake for 30 feet. If I would not have had my life jacket on, I would have drowned. That hurt WAY more than the vasectomy, I mean, WAYYYY more. I have officially retired from tubing. Other bad memories: someone stole $40 out of my bag. There was quite a bit of family there, and some I didn't know, so I believe it was one of these unknown wackos that stole it. Very upsetting. Oh and we also sunk Jenn's uncle's boat (with Cara aboard but in a life jacket of course) when the winds suddenly got very strong and created 3-4 foot white-capping waves that kept sweeping over and into the boat. Luckily, we all survived that injury free and we think besides cosmetic repairs to the boat, maybe the steering cable is the only meaningful repair needed to the boat. Another bad memory is the stomach virus we all caught. We finally made it home Tuesday (gave a new meaning to home sweet home - I'm in love with home!!), and then 3 of our kids started throwing up that night, followed by myself and Karissa Wednesday morning. Luckily, Jenn didn't get sick! However, she did an amazing job caring for 5 sickos!!

- Karissa and I watched a hot dog eating contest on ESPN the other day. A guy actually ate 54 hot dogs in like 12 minutes. Disgusting! Karissa said if she were to go to one of those contests, she wouldn't eat breakfast or lunch beforehand, but she would probably still only be able to eat 2 hot dogs. HA! Me too...

- My brother has decided to pursue international missions work. He's flying to the Czech Republic Aug 31st for 2 weeks to talk with churches and missionaries about an orphanage in Tanzania, Africa. Then, sometime next year, he will go to Africa for 6 months to an orphanage where he will help kids learn how to use computers, teach in the school, be a positive male role model, and more importantly teach the children about God. The initial plan is to continue going back to that orphanage, six months on, six months off. Your prayers and support are appreciated.

- Today, listening to Casting Crowns, my jealousy of the Trimbles was suddenly reinvigorated. When are you guys going to the concert again? That will be sooo awesome!


Amy said...

Hey, Kirk! Amy B. here. Tanzania is where I lived when I was a teenager. Which part is your brother going to visit? I'm jealous!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for spending your holday with my family. I am glad you had a good time. Love you.

Kelly said...

That is crazy about the money being stolen!

We went to the CC concert alreaady - it was AWESOME!

Jeff said...

Hey man - who one the UFC fight?