Green Bay, Here We Come!

I know I could wait a few more days to officially make it one month since my last post, but I think I'll go ahead and enter my August post now.

I am literally beside myself, and have been all week. Why, you ask? Sure, I'd be GLAD to tell you! I called Monday morning and made reservations everywhere for our dream come true trip to Packerland...Titletown...Brett Favre & the Packers' very own...Lambeau Field. The pinnacle of all sporting arenas as far as I'm concerned. We fly out Saturday (Nov18th) morning at 6am and arrive in Green Bay at 11:40am where we will take the courtesy shuttle to our hotel and check in, and then go to Lambeau Field!! All transportation all weekend is included in the package deal we purchased. We have a 3pm tour of Lambeau Field scheduled! We will get to see everything! Even walk on the field! Either before or after that, we will tour the Packer Hall of Fame. Saturday night, after dinner (maybe at Curly's in the Lambeau Field Atrium!) I think we may hitch a ride to a casino. Sunday morning we will ride to Brett's Steakhouse at 9am for a lil tailgating party! Whenever we finish there, we will walk 2 blocks to Lambeau Field and walk around or watch the Packers warm up and eventually sit down and experience the ultimate in football. A Packer game at Lambeau Field!! We paid extra to get lower level end zone seats. What they will do is take all of us who ordered a package 2 weeks before the game and randomly assign seats. We are guaranteed to be in the end zone somewhere between rows 1 and 20. Today I called back and requested seats at the tunnel so we can high five the players! (ok, maybe that's corny, but ask me if I care) She said they can try to accomodate my request, but there are no guarantees. After the game, we'll grab dinner somewhere and do whatever comes next...casino again or something else, I dunno. Monday morning we can sleep in. Instead of taking the only flight out of Green Bay at 6:30am (there are other flights but the price doubles) we decided to rent a car that day and drive to Appleton, 20-25 miles away, and fly home at 3:20pm. The hotel has an indoor pool/hot tub, but also an indoor putt-putt golf course and bowling alley, and free cocktails at the hotel bar are included with our package. This trip has been very distracting this week because it is literally ALL I have thought about since Monday!! GO PACKERS!!!

In other news, there has been a lot of female turf-wars drama at work...and that is not fun at all. We've made it over the quarter-end stuff, so we should start slowing down a little....I hope!

I want to see Ricky Bobby - just the sound of that name makes me laugh. That is so NASCAR, I love it! Can you feel the excitement? All the way from over there? Well you should feel it over here!

OK, I would write more, but I'm falling asleep. Hope all is well!!

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Josh said...

Congrats on the trip! That will be awesome.