Some Thoughts and Highlights

*I started the week off with a fun-filled visit to the dentist in hopes of curing my excruciating toothache. First thing Monday morning, Dr. Beck drilled a hole in my tooth and dug the nerve out! Root canals are awesome!! Just kidding. In all seriousness, they really aren't bad. I've had two now (because I grind my teeth and kill them) and I've gone immediately back to work afterwards, pain-free! If you ever have to get a root canal, don't sweat it. It's not really that big of a deal. I did start to get a little paranoid about cleanliness at the dentist office. I noticed that Dr. Beck didn't wear gloves, and he seemed to go from room to room without washing his hands. I hope I'm wrong... :)
*A few weeks ago, Cara, all by herself, said I could throw her pacifier in the trash and she hasn't asked for it since!! Amazing!
*I finally fixed my AC in my pickup, so I'm going to sell it and buy a Jeep Wrangler or CJ-7. Wahoo!
*We've decided to decorate the baby's room in farm stuff. My brother is a very talented artist, so I want him to come over and paint a barn and some tractors and some farm animals on a wall in the nursery. Whaddya think?
*We still haven't come up with a name for our son. I'm predicting we will decide in the first few moments of his life outside of the womb. AGH!!
*Is it just me, or do those membership cards at grocery stores make you uncomfortable. I don't like the idea of them tracking my purchases. I'm anti-Big Brother. I would rather pay more for my groceries than give in to that invasion of privacy. For the record, I have NEVER signed up for one of those, and I never will.
*My free 3 months of movie channels on DirecTV is about to expire...I'm somewhat depressed over that.
*What is the deal with modern day cartoons? Every single one of them is about people and their lives with all of this drama and stuff...or they're about fighting the bad guys in outer space...or the characters speak rudely enough that you don't want your young children watching them. Whatever happened to the good ol' cartoons? As I was watching Tom & Jerry the other night with my kids, I realized how incredibly genius that cartoon is! The central theme is very simply...comedy! You don't hear words and you don't have to try to figure out who is who. It's a simple game of cat and mouse with perpetual mishaps, one right after the other. Colorful and very funny. But why do kids watch cartoons more than adults? And why do most of today's cartoons seem to be adult cartoons? I think adults see things from a conceptual basis and kids see all the details. Think about it. When you read a child a book, you see a nice picture and when you finish the words, you just turn the page and look for more words, not paying much attention to the pictures. However, when you try to turn the page, the child is still fascinated by the details in the picture. We just see an overall picture, but the child is fascinated by the tiny raindrops on the grass and the prickly caterpillar on the leaf. Maybe we think the old concept of cat-and-mouse chasing is boring, so we think we have to create a new cartoon that is more advanced, but what we end up with is a cartoon that doesn't hold the attention of our children. There are some good modern-day cartoons and Disney movies (cartoons), but MOST of teh time when my children watch one of these, they must also have toys to play with to help keep them stimulated. However, when I watch Tom & Jerry with my kids, their eyes are glued to the TV, they don't blink, and they laugh every few seconds. It is awesome! I think I will introduce them to the Looney Tunes! Does any of this make sense or am I just rambling? The next time you watch a cartoon, try to imagine how a child sees it, and see if you don't find more humor in it!


Alyssa said...

wow so much info in this blog I do not know what part to comment on. The barn nursery would be cute. Gap now sells baby bedding and they hav a real cute farm theame. On baby names, when you hear that perfect baby name you will know it, however make sure you do not settle. When Camryn was 3 months old I asked Ben if I could change her name. Thankfully he did not let me b/c she looks like a Camryn now, but it is still my least favorite name out of the 3. Root canals really are not that bad, just sort of time consuming because you have to do it in steps. I have never had one (or a cavity) but I used to assist the dentist in preforming them and they were my least favorite b/c I think they are boring. Cartoons are definatly made for adults these days and it is amazing the language they allow. My kids are ot aloud to say shut up or stupid but you hear it in all the cartoons. Yeah on the Pascifer thing! Corben is no where near that stage yet but we he has decided that he will only take one particular color now. Do not know if that is a good thing though. That means we have one passie and if it goes we are in BIG trouble. Wow I feel like Kirk leaving a comment this long!

Kelly said...

Yeah - you posted! Glad the root canal wasn't so bad! Don't worry about the name - we came up with Evan at the last minute - he was going to be Andrew for the whole pregnancy! I love the farm animal thing - sounds cool!

You lost me on the cartoons - I agree but I have never thought that in depth about it! :)

wendell said...

Hey Kirk! Great to hear about the dentist. I'll take your word about it being not that bad. Hey dude I embrace the shopping card. We even went the other weekend to Albertson's and did the whole scan and shop deal. You must be weak minded if you're scared they're gonna influence you by knowing what you purchase. Or maybe it's what you're buying. Hmmmmm?? I agree on the cartoons. Nuttin' better than a little Tom & Jerry.

Laura said...

Hey Kirk...wow, I was out of Internet for such a long time. How are you dear? How's Jenn? And the girls? I'm ok...I think I will update my blog soon...

Jeff said...

Very cool blogging!! cartoons these days scare me - very correct about the drama. Always drama I'm tellin ya its wild. I remember thinking superfriends was dramatic when we were younger and that was really the only one. Have no idea about the name but I agree that you will find one and know when you do. Great on the nursury..I guess. Watching the NBA finals? Happy that hockey is one big step closer to being back??