Godfather 2 & Silly Kids

We watched Godfather 2 tonight, and I must say...it was quite a bit more difficult to follow than the first one. It jumped around a lot. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the first one. Jeff, if you have any insight or thoughts regarding the 2nd one, please pass them along. Grazie!

This will be a short post tonight - I'm tired. Instead of a Highlight of the Day, I'd like to leave you with a list of some funny things our kids have said or done. As you read the list, I'll go on repeating the following words in my head....I love Diet Dr. Pepper. I love Diet Dr. Pepper. I love Diet Dr. Pepper....

* While I was getting some ketchup, Karissa said "When you finish with that, will you put the ketch - UP?
* Karissa and I were teasing each other, and she called me a "word-that-I-can't-say-head"
* When Cara toots, she giggles and says "I squirted!"
* Anytime Kylie hears anything that resembles music, she stops what she's doing and starts moving her head side to side, dancing to the beat.
* Once when Cara was told she would get in trouble if she did something, she responded with "Well, you could just not talk!"
* Karissa was paying attention to the "70s show" when we didn't realize it was on, and she comes and asks us, "What's an ass?" I am horrible in these situations, because I can not keep from laughing hysterically!
* Today Cara and Jenn's mom were rearranging some bricks in our back yard and Jenn's mom said "Cara, we're making a flower bed for these flowers." Cara responded with a well thought out question - "For the flowers to sleep in?"
* And last but not least...and please excuse me for this one - Cara saw me getting out of the shower once and she said "Dad! You've got a snake in your bottom!"


Alyssa said...

Kirk are you sure she said snake and not inch worm? From the mouth of babies. I love hearing what goes through children's heads. It is too funny! I am glad that you have been keeping your posts less boaring lately. Thanks!

Kelly said...

I love to run, I love to run, I love to run - that is the mantra going on in my head!

Your kids are too funny - love that! Alec said the other day "son-of-a-bad word". He got his mouth washed out for that one.

Jeff said...

Wow...Wow.. I'm not sure if the phrase you wrote down that cara said freaks me out more or Alyssa's comment. Good night nurse ! Godfather 2's only flaw is it's attempt to give the viewer a lil more history into the Corleone family. It's a much better film the second time around (easier to follow). Great blog!