History of Klennex

Thanks for the "modivation" Alyssa. Yes, I could blog on the history of Klennex or maybe even Kleenex, but why would I do that, that would be boring? I prefer to blog about more interesting things. Which is why I haven't blogged in awhile. I guess I could just give you some thoughts or events of the weekend just so you don't see that 1,725,843 word blog about my interview anymore! HA! Here goes:
* Only four more days until the end of the week, which is when I should hear something regarding my interview.
* I think vacuum cleaner servicing companies have arranged strategic alliances with toy companies. The only way I can explain why toy companies make teeny tiny toys smaller than your pinky fingernail is so they can get crammed up in your vacuum cleaner and you have to get it serviced. This hasn't happened to me YET, but it almost does everytime I vacuum.
* I check the sports news everyday to see if Brett Favre has announced his intentions for next year. No word yet.
* Does anyone know where the Hockey Rehabilitation Unit is? Due to my poor coping skills, I need the support of other fellow NHL fans who are also having a difficult time coping with the lockout.
* Does anyone else play Sims2, or is my family the only one addicted to that great game?
* I e-filed our taxes through TurboTax (via IRS website) last night for free. What a cool deal!
* I have finally decided that I will be rooting for New England this weekend in the Super Bowl. I dislike both teams, but it's more fun if you can actually cheer for a team. See, I'm just plain tired of the Pats winning, so I'd love to see them lose. However, I HATE Philly, especially Terrell Owens, so I think I'd like to see them lose worse. Anyway, whatever.
* I'm not very "modivated" to blog right now. :)


Jeff said...

Ya gotta go for New England - Philly makes my stomach turn! I'm with you - I'm waiting til tonight to blog hopefully be more motivated!

Kelly said...

How was your taxes free? Everything I look at is at least $9.99.

Sorry about hockey :( NOT really! It makes our TV watching a whole lot easier - not having to watch those dumb games!

Alyssa said...

I ALWAYS spell that word wrong, well never again! Well at least until the next time I try to spell it. Two e's not two n's, got it.....I think. You vacume?? Could please mention that....several times....to my husband? we made a list of all the stuff we want with our taxes. The good news it we got everything on our list, paid off 5 credit cards (including Gap) and have $340 left to put in savings! I love tax time!

Kirk Wimberley said...

Kelly, from the irs.gov website, you can go to Turbotax and it is free. If you go to Turbotax direct, it may cost money. So make sure you link to it through the IRS website. And...you're really missing out by not getting to watch hockey. You may just not realize it!

Alyssa, don't save $340! SPEND IT!! Any wise financial counselor would tell you that! That is just enough money for a weekend getaway! Maybe Valentine's Day!! :) Ben...vacuum. Or you could vacume as your wife says. hehe!

Alyssa said...

well actually we are already going on a weekend getaway to Kauai in a couple weeks, and we have already set aside plenty of money for that. I am telling you we got eveything that we want or think we want, paid bills, and still have money left. Being rich is great!