Preview of The Apprentice

There are very few shows that I watch on a regular basis. In fact, there are only two: Survivor and The Apprentice. In light of the new season airing tonight, I thought it would make a good subject for today's blog. During the first season of Apprentice, I recall getting upset at many of the episodes' results. I was finally struck with the realization that despite the show's intention of narrowing contestants down to the "best employee" (no disrespect to Bill Rancic), what was really happening was that the last candidate standing would be more appropriately described as the Survivor than the Apprentice. It wasn't until Sam got fired that I could finally reconcile what was taking place. Here is the great epiphany that was revealed to me: "It's a game show." HA! Contrary to popular opinion, Sam should have made it further into the game. Regardless, I realized that time and time again, Donald Trump was firing people based on emotion or persuasions from other candidates, NOT based on who was the least qualified to be the best apprentice in his organization. So I quit criticizing his decisions...well ok, I always criticize his decision, but I did not get as upset when he made the wrong decision! Sure, it sort of taints the objective of the show, but I'm ok with that, because it is still entertaining to watch. I think the drama, ratings boosters (poor Stacie J, the perceived-to-be crazy chick), alliances, back-stabbing, and gossipping is silly, but I thoroughly enjoy the business projects that make up the competitions. I would LOVE to be project manager on a lot of those projects in real life, but not on the "game show."

I'm excited that a new season is beginning. I'm a little curious to see how divided the groups become since the contestants are a split between highly educated people and hard workers with no educational background. I think the competitions could be better due to the wide array of experience each team will have, but I think the drama will be sillier than ever due to the wide gap in similarities among the contestants. It will be interesting to see. I hope Donald Trump makes better decisions, not "ratings-based" decisions, and I hope he does a better job explaining his reasons. I can do without all the overacting, trying to appear as a very busy man, which we all know he is, but his silly actions between scenes just make me roll my eyes most of the time. Carolyn Kepcher rocks! She is awesome! I liked her more and more every episode. I'm actually reading her book, titled "Carolyn 101 - Business Lessons from The Apprentice's Straight Shooter", and it is full of very practical advice, as well as some funny storytelling. It's a great book so far, and I think she'd be a great "blogger!" I love her intuition and her direct personality. I would love to have a boss like her, especially in a large organization. She breeds productivity. George is kinda fun to watch. He always seems like he has a chip on his shoulder and hates every single one of the contestants, but he tries to repress his disgust and remain civil. I like how he gets upset and tells it the way it is.

I will probably blog every Thursday night about the Apprentice and give my opinions and critiques, so if you don't care for the Apprentice, then don't read my blog Friday mornings. :) If you DO like the Apprentice, then please post your comments after each episode on Fridays!

On my last blog, I had 2 complete strangers read my blog and post comments, and I'd love to figure out how to delete them. I have since gone into the settings and changed it so that my blog is not listed in the directory. I'm sure that's how they found mine. I'm trying to think of a highlight of the day, but it was really a very boring day. Alyssa, I won't say anything political tonight, even though Rice was confirmed today, and I don't mean the side dish.

I stayed up entirely too late last night posting my first blog. I started fighting heavy-eye-lid-syndrome at 2pm, so I think the highlight of my day must have been when 5pm finally arrived and I got to go home.


Alyssa said...

Well I do not read that show so once again ya lost me. I am beginnning to think however that it might not be a hard thing to do. To loose me I mean. I must have attention deficate disorder or something. Can you do your next blog on Desperate Housewives? Now there is a good show!

Kirk Wimberley said...

I will not do my next blog on Desperate Housewives, since I don't watch the show. However, I would like to cater to your blogging needs as much as I can, so I will dedicate a blog to a topic of your choosing, so long as it's one I agree to do. And...you might want to keep some things a secret, like your attention deficate disorder. I'm sure you meant deficit, but you more closely misspelled a word I'd like to keep away from my blog. :)

Kelly said...

Jeff and I totally love the Apprentice so we will be with you on Friday mornings! He has the hots for Carolyn too so you have something even more in common. Man - if you guys could get her watching football you would have it made!

By the way Kirk - It looks as though you are good with the HTML's as well - you need to help me out. Alyssa tried but she lives in Hawaii so it's kind of hard! I want to have other pictures and stuff too!

Love the comment you made about deficate - HA!

Kirk Wimberley said...

OK, maybe I'm a little obsessed with The Apprentice, but before the first episode, I wanted to give you my quick analysis of the contestants, and then predict who will make it to the top 5, plus a sleeper pick. HA!
Alex-too many titles, Trump doesn't like that.
Angie-one word...wow.
Audrey-I'm tired of RE agents, and she doesn't stand out.
Bren-Seems like a hot head, I don't like.
Brian-Real Estate, but I like him. Glowsticks, lawn/snow business as a kid. 5'4" but look out!
Chris-I see potential, but anybody can invest in RE.
Craig-Too nice to survive this competition.
Danny-Artsy fartsy won't win.
Erin-She's my sleeper pick.
John-Charm, charisma, business savvy...recipe for success.
Kendra-What's the deal with all these RE people. JK.She's literally one of the highest producing agents in the country.
Kristin-RE again. Her personality will cause bickering and get her sent home.
Michael-RE Developer, surprise surprise. He'll be too forceful and serious to survive.
Stephanie-Charming but ruthless. Business savvy, great negotiator. Could go far if she doesn't offend too many people.
Tana-Hard to read, but I think she'll go far.
Tara-Not sure about business savvy. Probably a good delegator. Just hope her demand for respect doesn't get her in trouble.
Todd-Very good business savvy, high integrity. He could win it all!
Verna-Good manager, speaker, and athlete. Could surprise us.

My top 5 prediction:

My sleeper pick: Erin

Alyssa said...

see now I do not need to watch the show. I will just read your blog! Thanks for the comments. I got 14 I win! Sure three or four of them are mine and two of them are yours but that still counts right? Not that this is a compitition or anything....

Kelly said...

What I want to know is how you know all about these people before it even starts! You have WAY too much time on your hands - do you even actually work at State Farm?