Pre-Interview Anxieties

As I sit here waiting for 1:00pm to arrive so I can depart for Ft. Worth, I'm trying to figure out how I feel about this interview today. This will be my 4,382nd interview, so I don't really get nervous anymore, but I'd be lying if I didn't get anxious. There IS a difference. I have my suit on, and several "good-luck" items, one of which I didn't catch until last night as I was getting things ready.
1-Merrill Lynch cufflinks.
2-Italian silk tie I purchased on the streets of Florence, Italy.
3-Engraved pen that was a graduation gift from my school colleague, Marcela Robbins, who contributed MUCH to my success in earning my MBA.
4-My black dress shoes. Why are these lucky? I just made the connection last night...the name brand is "Bass". The company I am interviewing with is "Bass Enterprises". Surely that's a sign!
So I've printed some fresh resumes, dug out an official copy of my transcript, went over my answers to the most common interview questions, and reread the section on Interviewing Dos & Don'ts in Carolyn Kepcher's book. So how could I fail? How could I possibly not get the job? HA! I've been down this road many times, and it's never as easy as it may seem. My experience and education matches this position perfectly, which is a confidence booster indeed, but there's so many other factors at play. I could very easily go in to the interview, and after 2 minutes, be excused because they see something they don't like. This is the anxiety part for me. Not being in control, not knowing exactly what they're thinking during the interview, and then having to wait for them to call afterwards. Ya know, so much is riding on this...the future of my family. As soon as I get a job, Jenn can quit working at Target, which is HUGE. At any point in time, our life will change drastically, but that time could be today or next year...and when it happens, I'll have no advance notice. I'll just get a phone call one day and hear "You're hired" on the other end. Then begins the househunting, the house buying, the school hunting, the church hunting, the packing, the moving, the settling, the adjustment for 5 people, the new friend searching...how will Karissa do in a new shool, etc etc etc? So how do I handle this anxiety? Well, I have to forget all that stress and embrace this attitude: Today's interview is no different than any other. I walk in, confident of who I am and what I have to offer. I listen intently to their questions, I respond with confidence, and let some excitement seep out. I give it my all during the 30 minutes of interviewing, and then I smile, say thank you, and walk away. I drive home to my wonderful family, tell my wife about the experience, watch Apprentice, write a thank you note to Bass Enterprises making sure to rehash some strong points, drive it to the post office before midnight so it goes out tomorrow, blog about the interview, and go to bed. Then it's life as usual. I gave it my all with nothing to lose. Maybe I'll get the job or a 2nd interview, maybe I won't. Regardless, neither result will change who I am.

Thank you for this counseling session. I feel better already. Send me a bill for your time! Have a good day!


Jeff said...

Good luck! I think you are already half way there. You seem confident yet you respect the fact that it's out of your control. This master's in counseling is starting to pay off for me. I'll be praying for you and can't wait to have Kel read me your blog to hear how it goes!

Alyssa said...

Go get'em Krik! I am sure you will knock their socks off! About all the change at a moments notice, just that God that you are not Jeff or you might have a break down.

Kelly said...

Wow - you seem to have it all figured out! I know how you feel about "the unknown". For so long we lived here going "we might not live here next year so let's not do that". It's so nice to know now that we don't have to leave if we don't want and can if we want (or God wants). He has the perfect job for you somewhere - you will find it eventually!

Kelly said...