Future Plans, Godfather 3, & Mafia

Ya know, at some point in the future, we wouldn't mind having a fourth child - as long as it's a boy. HA! Of course, we're not ready YET! We're thinking it would be nice to wait a few years, get a new job, get settled in a new house, church, get the smaller two out of diapers, maybe wait until Cara starts school, THEN maybe we'll consider having another child. Since before we were married, we've always talked about having 3-4 children. So we have three now, and four could be a possibility down the road, but not yet. We have a plan! Aren't plans wonderful? Actually, sometimes I wonder why we waste so much effort in planning! HA! You see, come September 23rd or so, our fourth child will arrive! WHOA!! Aren't surprises wonderful? :-) So now I'm even more antsy for that new job! I had an interview at Guaranty Bank yesterday in Dallas, and it went well. Hopefully this week or next I will GET A JOB!!! But it is entirely possible that neither will work out.

We watched Godfather 3 Saturday night, and it was very good! A funny little sidenote - I was tired because Friday night I went to see Boogeyman at midnight, and didn't get in bed until after 3am...so while we were all plopped down on our comfty couch in my cozy flannel pants, with my popcorn and Diet DP, despite the fact that movie was very good, my eyelids were getting too heavy to keep open, so I watched the last half of the movie literally standing up so I would not fall asleep!! HA!! Anyway, I really enjoyed the entire trilogy, and I know I will watch it again in the future. But don't worry Jeff, I'll get this back to you, and then I'll just rent or buy it later. It is in perfect condition, so I would say you have successfully taken a step forward in trusting people with your possessions. (Actually I scratched one of the DVDs, but the CD-doctor fixed it. JK!! I would like to share an excerpt from an email I received from my friend in Milan, Laura. Recently, 45 mafia men in Sicily were arrested, so I was asking her about the present day mafia in Italy. I found her response very interesting! Here it is:

"Is Mafia still popular in Sicily? Yes it is. But want you to know something? Mafia keeps Sicily alive, if not it would be the poorest region of Italy. Ok, most of things that mafia do is illegal but the firms belonging to mafia give a job to a lot of people...and it is not as dangerous 'cause someone belonging to mafia can kill only someone else belonging to mafia (or his family). In Calabria or Campania (Naples) they have a kind of mafia called camorra or 'ndrangheta and that's dangerous 'cause if they have to kill someone they kill also people sorrounding him and they don't care if they kill innocent people...so bad!
Here in Milan we don't have sicilian mafia but there is some chinese mafia but they do all their buisnesses among chinese people..."


Kelly said...

Yeah! Happy about your news and hope to be joining you sometime this summer! :)

That's kind of weird about the mafia - never thought of it that way!

Jeff said...

Exciting educational and entertaining - congrats on a new girl - c'mon you know your not going to have a boy! Its nice to see after a 17 day break your back to blogging and bringing your "A" game!

Alyssa said...

great blog with a good twist! I think my jaw hit the floor when I read abot number 4! I was totally not accepting that. Could I rub Jen's belly for luck? We unfortunatly did not get pregnant this month, but Ben is looking forawrd to giving it the old college try again! It must be so tough to be a guy in all this. Anyway I hope the perfect job comes up for your family! Isn't God humerous some times. He really likes to keep you guys living on the edge.

Alyssa said...

oops I ment about number 4 not abot, and expecting not accepting, geesh has it been that long?

Laura said...

Hey Kirk,
I saw you copied my words! Ha! I'm always happy to let you know about Italy and everything concerning Italy. I must teach you some italian language 'cause my english grammar sucks! Ha ha ha!! Love

Kirk Wimberley said...

Laura, your English skills are great! It is impressive that you can speak and write in two languages! I only know 10 Italians words, but I'd love to know more! Buon giorno!