Opportunity Knocking?

I'll try to make this relatively quick because one, I need to go to bed, and two, I don't want to jinx anything! I got a completely random call tonight from Byron Green, my former employer at Green Investment Management in downtown Ft. Worth tonight. I had talked to him recently about a portfolio manager position, but he hired a 45 year old guy with a BBA from SMU, MBA from Baylor (on scholarship), and a CFA, with extensive programming and portfolio management experience....so I didn't feel bad for not beating this guy out. Well, after an hour and a half of talking to Byron, I actually think I might have a job (please don't jinx it!). The Director of Operations is leaving and starting his own consulting business, which Byron found out about yesterday, and I am the first person Byron called to replace him! I'm going to Ft. Worth tomorrow (Friday) to talk in more detail about the position, and for salary/benefit negotiations. I can already tell you now, if he offers it to me, I will accept. He pretty much did everything BUT offer me the position tonight. He just wants to talk more and make sure it's what I'm looking for...almost like he's already made up HIS mind (don't jinx me!). It is a much better job than I had anticipated getting, that's for sure. I would oversee the operations department (4-5 employees right now), as well as the people he's looking at adding in the next several months. So, it involves some management, but they are a great group of people with a lot of synergy with a great team atmosphere, so that part won't be too challenging I don't think. I would also be the "pointman" for all of the brokers/advisors and customers who call in with questions about anything...their accounts, certain trades, asset allocation philosophies, etc etc etc. So, I would also have the role of co-portfolio manager so I will know exactly what we are doing as a company. As time goes on, I can feel free to engage in the decision making from a portfolio management standpoint, meaning, I can suggest or recommend investment ideas. Anyway, I won't bore you with details. His company has been growing like crazy in assets. I would be the 2nd or 3rd man from the top...of course, there's only like 8-9 employees, but it still sounds good! HA! This is still a shock to us. We are all going to Ft. Worth tomorrow so we can meet with a realtor, get the approval process started with the mortgage broker, and look at houses. We will probably stay through Sunday and visit a church we've heard good things about near downtown Ft. Worth. We knew as soon as a job came, things would go 90 miles an hour, and I think it's starting. It's not a definite yet, but I sincerely think it's about 90% there! Thanks for the prayers and support, and continue to pray for it to work out, as well as everything else.

PS - He called 10 minutes before Apprentice!! Needless to say, we haven't seen the episode yet!


Kelly said...

How exciting! I must admit my first question to Jeff when he told me you got a job was "Is it in Wichita Falls?" I have enjoyed hanging out with ya'll and I sure am gonna miss ya!

Alyssa said...

so cool! What exciting news! Can't wait to hear all the details. Now that I am back on board! Also thanks for the program I got it in the mail today!

Jeff said...

You must blog tonight about how everything went!!!