Warm Feelings and Cold Pizza, or vice versa

I think for this blog, I will share some of my most heart-felt, deepest feelings with you guys. I think it's important to take time out and really spill your heart out with the things you're thankful for, how much you love the important people in your life, what makes you feel loved, and things you deeply care about the most. Actually I'm not going to do that, I just wanted to get your attention! HA! This has been quite an interesting day in the world of sports. If you don't care about sports, this will once again be another boring ol' blog from Kirk. First of all, it was reported that Emmitt Smith is expected to announce his retirement on Thursday, as well as his intentions of retiring as a Dallas Cowboy. Not sure exactly how that will be manifested, but I like the idea. Then, a few hours later, it was reported that Smith DENIED that report, and he has NO intentions of retiring...he simply said he would like to retire as a Dallas Cowboy, but he gave no time frame. This is why I don't like the salary cap. He should have never left Dallas in the first place, in my opinion. Anyway, once he retires, he and his investment group will purchase the Minnesota Vikings...or that's the buzz anyway. Second of all, Terrell Owens, probably the most hated (besides Randy Moss and Warren Sapp of course) NFL player, has NOT received medical clearance from his doctor to play in the Super Bowl, but has made the decision to go ahead and play anyway. Gee, I sure hope he doesn't injure his leg even worse (wink, wink). Third, Edgerrin James has made it known that he'd like to discard LOYALTY, become a TRAITOR, and move to Miami simply because it's close to home. Since the Colts recently signed huge contracts with Manning and Harrison, they might have to let James go unless they can franchise him. This is another example of why I don't like the salary cap. Fourth, the NHL and NHL Player's Association met today to try and negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement, and have decided to meet again tomorrow. No details of today's meeting has been released - they're being real hush hush right now. However, there still seems to be no indication that any groundwork has been made. I honestly don't know what I will do after the Super Bowl since I'm strictly an NFL and NHL fan. I guess I'll just have to start following AC Milan (my Italian soccer team) more closely in the Champions League and National Cup tournaments coming up.

I had a great conversation with the HR lady at Guaranty Bank today. Health insurance is aboat (that's "about" influenced by Hockey Lockout Syndrome) $280 cheaper per month than what I had anticipated, so that makes up for aboat $3300 of the $5-7k annual salary that this job was below my "targeted" minimum salary requirement. Good news! I think I can negotiate another $2-3k on top of their stated salary for this position. After talking further with her aboat the opportunities there, I decided to go ahead with the interview, AND I was able to schedule it for Monday morning. My hope is that Barbnet Investment Co will call Thur or Fri, wanting to schedule a 2nd interview, which hopefully can be scheduled for Monday afternoon! Then I can get two quality interviews in one day! Pray hard for me!! Thanks!!

We ate at Pinocchio's tonight. I have a "free drinks" card, so we fed the entire family for 14 bucks! The only problem is, 90% of the time, the buffet pizza has been sitting out for 2-3 days and is dry and cold. So, this time I requested a fresh one to be delivered to our table, which is within the "rules" of buffeting at Pinocchio's. Anyway, a good FIFTEEN minutes later, they bring a pizza to our table that looks like it was pieced together from pizzas on the buffet, and one piece is missing!! ARGH! Oh well, I just rolled my eyes and ate it anyway. We are also big fanbs of the Little Caesar's $5 ready to go pizzas. It's beautiful because you don't even have to call ahead, you just show up and they're hot and ready to go immediately! I'm starting to get a little tired of it though...we do it maybe once per week. Their pizza isn't bad if it's hot and fresh, but as soon as it starts getting room temperature, it turns into cardboard. So, this has sparked me to make a LIST of favorite pizza joints, in the order of my preference...
1-Pizza Hut (I love supreme lovers and pepperoni)
2-Sbarro's (I still mourn the loss of Sbarro's in our mall)
3-Chuck E. Cheese
5-Little Caesar's

(Yes Kelly, it is 1:08am and I am posting this now. :-P )


Alyssa said...

opening paragraph good
sports part blah blah blah
good luck on your interview we will be praying for you
pizza hut is definatly the best but chucky cheese is horible. Can I have a cardbord tasting frozen pizza warmed up, and then way over priced please?

Jeff said...

Great day yesterday for sports news. I like the colts and would actually root for edgerrin to go to Miami! They have got to invest some money into there defense. I think they can get a 1,000 yard back (not as good as edgerrin) but good enough to take some heat off manning (who doesn't need much heat taken off). I just don't want manning to be one of the greats who never won one.

Not big on Pizza but...Love the Pizza hut

Kelly said...

Okay I have to disagree with you guys on the pizza issue! Pizza Hut is TERRIBLE! I can't even stand to eat there - and I totally LOVE Chuck E Cheese pizza - it has garlic on the crust - YUMMY! The one in the mall isn't too bad - Googies or something? I don't mind Papa Johns and I don't really like Little Caeser's - it's only good b/c it's $5.00. We need a really good pizza place here - that is for sure!

Jeff said...

I posted earlier and it drives insane that I screwed it up and it didn't publish! I talked about how Edgerrin needs to be a dolphin and the colts need to invest money in...DEFENSE. Don't really dig pizza much but..Pizza hut is the king.
If you don't want to go into banking or business..you can be my agent..Lets see 10% of 5,000 a year should do it for you, right?

Jeff said...

Dang it my earlier blog just showed up...I swear I renewed the page 17 times.

Kirk Wimberley said...

Yes Kelly, Chuck E. Cheese pizza is VERY tasty - love it! Alyssa is just weird for not liking it. :) Jeff, I'll be your agent for 10% of 5,000, if it's per day!! I'm worth it! Wait a sec...exactly what would I be the agent of?

Kirk Wimberley said...

And Jeff, you do have a good point about the Colts freeing up some of Edgerrin's money to spend on DEFENSE, but only because the Colts' passing attack is unstoppable, so you don't NEED a top 10 RB. Just someone to keep the defense on their toes. I really like Manning, and I too would hate to see him never win the big game. I totally thought they would beat New England. Oh well. However, this is what I hate about the salary cap. You need a PhD to keep up with offseason player movements. Of course, there's always someone at the fantasy draft who gets a player/team combo mixed up, and it's fun to laugh at them, so I guess the salary cap isnt all THAT bad! HA!

Jeff said...

Kirk - how did you make your counter so small? I tried to put one on Jeff's but it was so big it moved everything over. Mine worked though - thanks!

Kirk Wimberley said...

I picked a small one from about 70-100 to choose from. There were some big ones I could choose, but I wanted a smaller one.