Oh Yeah...A Baby...

Well, it's been exactly one week since the phone call that is changing our lives forever. We now have a new job, are moving to Fort Worth, got approval on a mortgage loan, and are stressing over the house hunting process. All in one week's time. And oh yeah....we're having a baby! I must admit, over the past week, that fact has slipped my mind a time or two. I've been doing my yoga-zen-Chinese-meditations regularly though, so I feel pretty confident this one will be a boy.
I was feeling like I needed to update my blog, but it's 1am and I'm ready to go to bed, so I'll just close with a few quick thoughts:
* Why is health insurance so darn expensive?
* It is very upsetting that the NHL season was cancelled, but Milan plays Manchester United next Wednesday in the beginning of the Champions League and I believe it will be televised, so at least I have SOMETHING to watch. I don't watch basketball.
* I think this season of Survivor will be very good. Plenty of cool surprises tonight.
* Michael (Apprentice) was a lazy idiot, so I'm glad he got fired.

More later...

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Jeff said...

For the first time I think I agree with everything you blogged! Wait no ......I think your having another girl!